How To Get A Real Offer For Your St. Louis Property, Not A Lowball offer

How To Get A Real Offer For Your St. Louis Property, Not A Lowball offer

Jake Larose with Freedom Path Investors. So a lot of people are worried about getting a lowball offer for the property, and Brian and I we we can’t blame you for wanting to avoid that. So inside the packet that we provide you on every single appointment we will show you things that we’ve included to help educate you on our as-is cash offer. So in the packet is a little bit about us, how the process works, and three different ways that we could buy the property and so forth. But what’s most important the gift that we give to you. We give you these two items right here. This one is actually a property that we own currently own in Florissant MO. And this is just outline the bedroom bathroom square footage and when the house is built and so forth. Okay. So we’ll use this like if it was your property to go off of how pull our comps. So in this sheet here is the CMA or the comparative market analysis. And this is all the comps the top 3-4 houses sold just like ours. You can see the price on the sold prices range from 140, 152, 152k for split-level homes like ours. Now, we bought this house like we’re expecting it to appraise for only 140k which was our lowest comp, the conservative comp. And let me show you something, and lo and behold it appraised for $140,000 right there. Now if I want to verify that here and make sure it’s actually our property talk about there it is, the address 2*** North Pointe Drive we bought this house for 65,000 and invested 45,000 in updates updated the kitchen new countertop. We actually had good existing cabinetry. So we’ll actually go ahead and put new pulls down there and painted it. But just kind of give me a rough outline of what the house looked like, right? So it’s good that we bought off of 140. We actually thought we could get more than that for the property. But at the end of the day you got 140k at the lowest mark. So that’s how we base the offers. We took 80% of 140 – repair budget I think we’re actually came out pocket a little bit on this one and left some money in the deal. But for those of you who want to make sure you’re avoiding a lowball offer. This is how we do it. A lot of other investors are buying this way as well, but we are showing you the thought process and how that that deal structure. Thank you so much.

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